Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The muscles between my left shoulder blade and my spine are, for some reason, all wound up around some bone deep inside my shoulder. This affects my neck so that it hurts to look in any direction but forward, and to sit at a desk and look down at anything is extremely uncomfortable. Consequently I have not been at yoga or work this week, and have instead been lying on my back.

It's pretty weak.

Today I don't have class til 6, so I am going to stretch out, shower, and try to get some stuff done.

Since my mom got facebook, all sorts of relatives have been popping back into my life, specifically cousins who have married since last I saw them. I've been feeling inspired to take some familial odyssey and get to know all of my relatives; when I was around them a lot I was way too shy to ever get to know them.

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