Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've had two recent dreams that clearly reflect my panicked feelings regarding the environmental crisis.

In the first one, I somehow knew that Voldemort was going to make another comeback. I gathered the wizards/witches that were previously part of the Order of the Phoenix or whatever, and told them that we needed to get back together and start practicing our spells. But no one believed me! As I spoke, they slowly left the room. Soon, I was standing alone, and I knew that I'd just have to try to beat him by myself.
I know that this is hilarious because gives me a way as having Harry Potter perpetually on the brain. But in the dream it was horrible.
In had the second dream just last night. I had just gotten off work and was talking to my coworker, Sarah, who was still on her shift. She had the job of floating above the building with a sign advertising the business. It was a beautiful day and as I sat on the roof and asked her how she had learned to fly, I admired the snowy Olympics. Something didn't look right. Then, water started pouring over the mountain tops. We managed to hold onto the roof as the city flooded. The water was a couple inches above the roof, so I could stand on it and be ok.
I first went to look for Nikki and Charles, who I couldn't find. Heartbroken, I went back to Seattle, in search of Caelum. He was also gone. I found Chris Iseri and gratefully hugged him for a long time.
After that, everyone lived on boats. My mum had managed to rescue my grandma and another lady from their residency. At some point, my dad and Skyler joined us, some of Skylers European friends (?) tagging along.

My psyche is apparently too lazy to invent cryptic dreams for me.

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