Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last night, as I sat on the deck, waiting for Caelum to join me, I happened to glance across the marina and notice that I was not alone out there. There was a man directly across from me, in a relaxed stance, perusing the night. We made eye contact and acknowledged each other, and that was when I realized that his thumbs were not in his beltloops, as I had imagined earlier – he was peeing. In my direction.

I’m in the boat right now, officially moving my stuff into its new place. Combined, mine and Caelum’s tea and spice collections are mighty indeed, far too large for this tiny boat on which we reside. Fortunately, it will not be long until our stores have dwindled to a more manageable size, seeing as how much we like tea and spiced foods.

Another thing that will be more manageable is life aboard once I know more lingo. Here's a texting conversation that exemplifies this:
CAELUM: You are silly. What were you looking for?
ME: I was looking for the pan and then once I found it I couldn't turn the rangetop on. It doesn't work, does it? I really wanted some cream o wheat!
CAELUM: It does work, you have to turn the gas on first, it's out under the tiller, then you turn on the burner, hold down the button on the front and light it.
ME: What the holy hell is this "tiller" you speak of?

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