Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things are starting to happen at the Microfarm!

 Cherries are forming on the cherry tree.

 Eric's potatoes are showing their leaves above ground.

The seeds I planted have germinated and are doing great. The heat we had last week is doing wonders for them.

I was VERY excited to see these guys: my squash. I thought they would never come up.

My lemon cucumber is languishing.

I cleared the space out by the log in my area and planted flowers. I bought some flower mixes from Walt's Organic Fertilizer Company - they attract songbirds and butterflies (which means honeybees, too). They'll go well here, by the stump, where my veggies might not do so well. The creatures that are busy breaking down all the carbon in the stump do so using lots of nitrogen, meaning that veggies growing around there wouldn't get enough nitrogen to put on lots of green, leafy growth. The flowers will suffer from it, too, but I'm not trying to eat them.

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