Monday, March 14, 2011

Greendale Farm

In November, I visited my friend, Colleen, who was working at Greendale Farm in Madison, GA. Colleen is from Atlanta, so she was the perfect hostess for my first trip to the South. Madison is one of the only towns in Georgia that General Sherman didn't burn on his exodus from the South at the end of the Civil War, so there are several Civil War era buildings in town. Working on Greendale Farm gave me a jolting realization that working on a farm is what I should be doing now. The farm produces pork, beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, and cheese. It was while hauling a 45 pound bag of hog feed through a sea of hungry male pigs at 7:00 in the morning that the realization came.

Lily and Zulu the farm dogs: very bad at being farm dogs, very good at being sweeties.
The shiny cheese room, where the magic happens.
This magic, specifically. 
I got a tractor-driving lesson from Colleen on this huge John Deere.
Every evening, Colleen and I moved the lambs. Now I know the meaning of the word "sheepish."
Happy, happy cows.
The pigs actually live in the forest.

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