Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am doing homework on a Saturday night. More specifically, I am luxuriating beside the fireplace at my sister's house, analyzing religious outlooks on the environment, and munching on snap peas. It is very late and I am very cosy. I just had the thought that I REALLY love school, a feeling which is made even better when I recall last quarter, during which I was tempted to quit.

This is how school should be. I read interesting things which I discuss in interesting ways during my interesting classes. Is that enough for me? No, no: I then go home/to the boat and share the things I've learned with Kiera/Caelum. I am fired up about the material presented to me by my professors. I am also become a raging hippie.

"Isn't that what college is supposed to do to you?" pondered Charles. I think that if we are turned into raging hippies during the period in our lives when we are newly presented with the major issues of our time, then we should all be raging hippies. The only reason that everyone isn't is because they are distracted from and forget about the major issues of our time once they graduate and go on to get jobs and start families.

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