Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have a sleeping problem. The only upside is that the dreams I have when I go back to sleep during the day are awesome.

Here's one I just had.

This dream took place in a time that was post apocalyptic or something because people never ventured to certain parts of the city, like in City of Lost Children. It was always nighttime. In one of those parts, there was a little restaurant in which I used to work. I was never there anymore because I was too tragically in love with the cook. On this particular day I had gone in through the back, and went to talk to one of my friends who worked there. I peeked my head through a curtain to talk to her, and he was there too. He looked up and looked away, and then his head spun back toward me and he just stared.
I was hanging out in there for a few hours more, and things were getting less dramatic. I heard a woman talking to her friend at one of the tables. She was saying how she had waiting too late to marry her fiance, and now he had gone back to one of his earlier wives. When she said that I realized that there was no point in waiting; if I loved him, I should act before it was too late. So I went around the corner and kissed him.
After that, we were together and I returned to working at the restaurant. We all lived in the back there. One night, I fell asleep without saying goodnight to him. When I woke up, he was nowhere to be found and there was pink hair dye staining the bathtub. I went to look for him and found a big group of Jordi, Fallin, Hannah, etc. all snuggled in bed fast asleep. Fallin and Hannah both had dyed hair.
Nikki came to the restaurant with a bunch of groceries and explained that “he” (who was now James Butler but also Caelum) had gone to prepare for a huge party for the club members of this super cool elite artist’s club (like TED but for artists, I guess). The groceries were for the party. A bunch of Nik’s friends were showing up and she was telling all the guy that I date all her guy friends. It made me and them really uncomfortable.
One of the “groceries” was a huge live pig that was dressed in packaging; he had like bright packaging on his body that said “delicious!” and “as fresh as it gets!” and stuff, but he could run around like normal. Maybe they were tattooos or something. Anyway, he LOVED me. He was super affectionate, like a big dog. I was thinking about how terrible his life had been until then and how terribly it was about to end. It was making me really sad and I was trying to give him as much love as possible. You could also like pull little bits off of him and eat them. They tasted like ham and doing it didn’t hurt him at all (though now that I’m awake that is DISGUSTING).
Then I was watching the beginnings of an alien invasion. There was something huge landing on a dock, and people around there were just jumping into the sea. I knew they were all screwed though. Then I was riding the bus up Denny Hill and I realized that the bus drivers were all aliens and trying to get us to that dock by a certain time, perhaps in time to kill us all in one go. Everyone else didn’t know and I remember one guy being pissed at how fast we were going up the hill. He was complaining to the driver and everything. But as the driver started running red lights and we could see more buses changing their routes to be on the same one as us, he started realizing that something was more wrong than he had thought. I jumped out of the bus and crawled under some bushes. I started running, trying to find a hiding spot, and lots of other people were doing the same.
Then there was some weird interlude where it explained how I ended up getting with this guy. We both hid in the same tunnel, basically. We didn’t get together in any way besides that after that we were a team and he was protective of me. We ended up running into like every guy I know and he was getting more and more jealous.
Soon we were down more out of the city and there was this weird house in a field, and that was where the super cool artist’s party was going on. I went to the front door and told the front man that I know James Butler (who was no longer my lover) and he let me in, I think mostly cause I’m a girl. Inside I found Robert Faturechi drinking a Corona. It was great to see him and we started talking. Then the guy I had been with found a way inside too and he came up and was being all jealous. Robert just started mocking him, which I thought was really funny because I was already so annoyed, but I also felt bad because he was my guy and I should be protecting him.
At one point he said pointedly, “How do you know so many guys?” as if to ask me why I was such a slut. I told him it wasn’t like I had fucked them all, but in fact most of the ones we had met I HAD fucked. Then Gloria Mayne walked in the room and I just hugged her and hugged her because I could finally let someone comfort me without feeling weak.

At some point during the dream my anthropology teacher told me that he’d like a special assignment from me, detailing my sexual escapades. This was clearly sexual harassment but I felt a tiny bit special because he was acknowledging my sexuality (?). After that there was a really weird tension between us. The dream zoomed out and I was watching this next scene, where I was sitting on the floor in a room and he walked in. He was like a root man! He started shaking and gyrating and all this dirt started falling away from his body, and he could move his arms and then his legs, and then he started pulling the clods away from his belly and then his dick, and then he turned to me and I yelled No! and he jumped on top of me.
The scene changed immediately to a Japanese whorehouse. In a large room the ladies were on separate mats arranged like yoga mats, and they were all fucking men. There was a little girl getting her hair brushed by the madame, and I thought “Well that’s fucked up.”
I have no clue where these two tie in, but I thought the root thing was just so cool.

It's snowing like crazy outside but it's too warm for it to stick.

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