Sunday, May 10, 2009

Haven't posted in many moons. Wherefore? A look at my To-Do list might shed some light the answer to such a query:

To Do
1) Finish essay
2) Study for history midterm
a) Do reading from whole quarter that I neglected to do on schedule
3) Get Tetanus shot
a) After I find some money for it
4) Deliver thank-you note to man down the street who mailed my lost I.D. to me
5) Make drawings of wild ginger for niece in utero
6) Make other drawings of plants and thoughtfully journal on all field trips from past two months
7) Finish sweater for my babe of a boyfriend (supposed to be finished 4/20)
8) Give notice on lease
9) Figure out how to make a couple thou to start non-profit

Unfortunately I like reading Hark, A Vagrant! too much to do anything but write down what I have to do.

Jordan, if you're reading this (doubtful), I really really really really really really miss you and am miffed that you haven't reciprocated the awesome poem I wrote you. Get on that, ho.


  1. Via which medium did you send me this poem? Don't think I received it! If I did, on the other hand, I feel really bad.