Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My first day as an unpaid intern at the Danny Woo Garden in the International District was a short one, from nine until two. During that time, I was assigned only one physical task: to water the newly planted Siberian Sea Buckthorn plants, which had been given their new home to discourage the rampant fallatio/babymaking that happens/ed there (Jonathan refers to this part of the garden as the "sex alley"). As the location of the plants is in the corner of the garden, I had to drag a hose around the corner so that it wouldn’t tangle on the plots between the water source and the site that needed watering.
Well, dragging a hose is no easy task, my friends. Every step I took it caught on a post or I tripped. Just getting the hose the 40 feet I needed to move it took me about fifteen minutes. The whole time I kept looking over my shoulder, hoping with all my might that no one would be looking back at me.
I triumphantly arrived in front of the Sea Buckthorns and twisted the power nozzle to the “ON” position. I had just thoroughly soaked the first plant when I realized that there was one on the other side of the alley, and I had to water that one first before the entrance to the alley got too wet.
I borrowed an empty bucket from a nearby plot and began filling it with the hose. The water coming from the power nozzle was so forceful that it got all over me when I pointed it into the bucket, so I thought I’d just take it off and use the regular hose end. I proceeded to do so without walking back to turn off the water, which resulted in my front and face getting soaking wet. I deftly screwed the power nozzle back on, and, choosing the lesser of two evils, filled the bucket.
Fortunately, I ended up watering the Siberian Sea Buckthorns without anyone seeing me, and I was almost dry when I met up with the others at the end of the hour.

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