Thursday, July 2, 2009

Passing the welding shop down the street this afternoon, I noticed that their thermometer read 79 degrees. Whatever sensor decided that temperature was not planting buckwheat under the apexed sun at the Danny Woo Garden.
Chapin from SU volunteered today, so we got to work together. Our task was to clear two weedy plots that weren’t being used, remove the divider between them (which included removing rebar that had been thoughtlessly shoved into the ground), level them out, and plant buckwheat, which would occupy the space until the chickens are moved in. A seemingly simple task. Jonathan seemed surprised when I staggered in at 2:45, blotchy and soaked in sweat, and told him I’d have to come into tomorrow to finish, lest I collapse in a sunstroke.
Soon I will be able to complete physically demanding, shadeless jobs without such setbacks. My lower back taught me today that if I don’t put sunscreen on it, it will turn a violent shade of red. I could hear my newly purchased straw hat crying to me from the boat, and I wished fervently that I could perform the Accio sunhat! spell,*

*at first I couldn’t remember the spell, so I googled it, but even before the google page loaded, I remembered. Am I proud? I really couldn’t say.

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