Monday, September 14, 2009

Over the past days, I have been discouraged from the Danny Woo/SU alliance of bees that I had been working for, overlooked by a farmer I really respect, and thoughtlessly denied the possibility of keeping chickens (merely three!).

I am excited about the things going on in Seattle right now that are inspiring people to produce their own food. I want take part - to grow veggies, keep chickens, learn how to care for a beehive, milk my own goddamn goats. I am aware that I am a broke college student who rents an apartment in the city, and not capable of having my own urban farm. I did think, however, that having three chickens was reasonable, in light of my current situation. BUT no. I am just really sick and tired of people catching the enthusiasm I toss at them and grinding it under foot. Every time it happens I get a little less capable of producing enthusiasm to toss.

I'm going to Seattle Tilth this morning to work in the garden and talk to people who are positive. This should help.

Also, once I get some money, I am going to build a humongous worm bin in the sideyard (where my chickens were supposed to go) and am I going to ask my landlord? FUCK no. I have to get some fertile soil from somewhere in my garden, and it sure isn't growing underneath the ivy desert that's in the front.

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